Friday, September 28, 2012


Yes, the blog, which used to be called something else, is now redubbed "Imaginary Radio Station." Allow me to be your multimedia Chris Stevens, without all the notable quotes from Jung, Nietzsche, and Bertrand Russell.

I'm hoping that I'll continue to work on this project for a while. I plan to post rips of the vinyl that I find around town, as well as the occasional mix and video I find worthwhile viewing. Please enjoy and let me know what you want to hear...

Penguin Café Orchestra - The Penguin Café Orchestra Mini Album

"This album consists of six pieces of music, two from our previous albums, two from our previous albums, two recorded live in Toyko last year, and two new pieces: PIANO MUSIC, recorded in a basement whilst I was staying in Tokyo after our tour, and THE TOY which we recorded today." - Simon Jeffes, 23/3/83

I luckily happened upon this one in Amoeba Music the other day and decided it would be the first vinyl rip to inaugurate the phoenix-like rebirth of my old blog from its ashes of neglect (...).

I also discovered that, in a felicitous crossing, Nana Vasconcelos, someone who I've been interested in quite a bit lately and who will surely appear on this blog in the future, was a sometime member of PCO (not on this release, though).

My favorite here is the new track "The Toy," I love the little arpeggio melody that carries the tune. This gang was on to something.

Here's some trusted wiki-info on how the band got started, from a bad meal dans le Sud de France...

1. The Penguin Café Single (Music from the Penguin Café)
2. Air À Danser (Penguin Café Orchestra)
3. The Toy (Previously unreleased)
4. Numbers 1-4 (Live in Tokyo)
5. Salty Bean Fumble (Live in Toyko)
6. Piano Music

Get it here

(For the click-squeamish: I've felt pretty safe about downloading with ADrive, no weird malware here as of yet, better than mediafire in my opinion)