Sunday, November 20, 2016

Teddy Lasry - Seven Stones

Going to a so-called new age/crystal power concert tonight. Advertised as "a night of healing." No better time I guess.

Or let those wounds sting and smash the 1% white supremacist patriarchy.

Either way, you'll need to chill out/rebuild your strength sometime, and this mix of tunes by French library whiz Lasry will aid you well. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Blue" Gene Tyranny - The Intermediary

Beautiful interplay between mildly harsh electronics and piano that itself shifts from jazz tropes to note clusters I have trouble imagining a human being playing. This post comes hot off the heels of seeing Matmos interpret sections of Robert Ashley's "Perfect Lives" (to which Tyranny contributed), a stunning rendition, check it out if you haven't already, Europe! 

(Not surprising, but, no youtube preview...)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Robert Fripp - God Save the Queen / Under Heavy Manners

Robert Fripp seems like a quirky, totally self-contained individual who likes to make metalingual commentary during interviews. He also seems like the kind of musician who would actively pursue anyone sharing his music in this fashion, but hey, looks like this record's been out of print since its initial release in 1980. Anyway, some of you already have this one, but if not...

A divided collection - "Side A" contains the type of Frippertronics we'd come to expect from his collaborations with Eno, while "Side One" (B) explores Discotronics, or the interplay between those loops and bass/drums, as well as, on "Under Heavy Manners," David Byrne warbling about hearing trumpets and divergence. The rhythm section on "Zero of the Signified" actually sounds more Kraut-y to my ears, definitely the highlight of the record for me, ending on one of the loveliest loops I've heard Mr. Fripp construct. A real pleaser for guitar-loop geeks like me and otherwise.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pillman Radiant Mix

A mix I was inspired to make after starting to read "Roadside Picnic" by the brothers Strugatsky. Imagine Blade Runner as a GTA-style VR game where you can explore the murky neon-soaked spaces of the marketplace... here's your soundtrack. Future-focused electronic pop, twisted vocal samples, footwork, synth music, blah blah blah...
OPN – I only have eyes for you
lena platonos – markos
kelela – bank head
phork – the rhythm of two kalimbas (soundcloud)
rp boo – your choice
aragon – horridula
motion graphics – mezzotint gliss (visible cloaks remix) (soundcloud)
errorsmith and mark fell – cuica digitales / jessy lanza – oh no
fit siegel – carmine
dj Rashad feat. spin – show u how
Justin Kelly – vgf (soundcloud)
dialect – waterfront epiphany
mark Pritchard – under the sun
Fatima Yamaha – what’s a girl to do
shy layers – for you

Or, get it here

NTS radio, if you're out there listening, I'd love to host a show! Seriously. Wishful thinking...

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Toshifumi Hinata - Sarah's Crime

A lovely collection of arrangements for synthesizer, piano, strings, and is that melodica, harmonica, or something else? I find it hard to tell. Heard about Hinata from a post on the Listen to This! blog a while back, someone did a write-up on Reality in Love, which I recently described to a friend as "one of the most beautiful albums I've ever heard." I did not feel guilty of hyperbole when expressing this sentiment.

Sarah's Crime is Hinata's first, apparently. Sounds, like many of his works, like the score to an imaginary film (I can't help imagining a Studio Ghibli-type sequence panning over meticulously drawn landscapes and exploring dimly lit rooms, somber faces...). Alternating from gentle movements between electronics and acoustic instruments to Satie-sounding piano interludes... probably the perfect soundtrack to your rainy weekend.