Friday, September 22, 2017

Jaki & Czukay Mix


kraftwerk - ruckzuck (edit - s/t)
ecstatic sunshine - faceplant (yesterday's work)
pram - loredo venus (The stars are so big...)
can - dizzy dizzy (soon over babaluma)
nerftoss - chase/boomerang (mood index)
marc barreca - oleo strut (twilight)
broadcast - message from home (work and non work)
jan jelinek - im diskodickicht (kosmischer pitch)
harald grosskopf - oceanheart (oceanheart)
harmonia - gollum (deluxe)
holger czukay - boat-woman-song (edit, from ohm: the early gurus of electronic music)
phantom band - rolling (s/t)
jacober/farina/hamilton - ? (rinse)
ashra - mistral (belle alliance)

this mix is for jaki liebezeit and holger czukay, not even putting a dent in the debt i owe you for your works on this earth. music you made, music by friends and fellow travelers, music inspired by yours, music i hope you would have liked. rest in power.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fred Neil - Bleecker and MacDougal (1965)

I love this man's baritone, and the tremelo'd-out, wistful sound of a song like "The Water is Wide." Enjoy this and keep cool out there, folks.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Roches - Nurds (1980)

Or, in other words:

I love these women and their music. If you're into "Rise Above"/"Bitte Orca"-era Dirty Projectors, you'll thank history for that time in the late 70's when NYC punk and the Kitchen crowd cross-pollinated with Americana in the form of these sisters and their songs.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

imaginary radio mix 8.1

Sounds for the thick of summer...

horace andy - something on my mind
seu jorge & almaz - everybody loves the sunshine
roland bocquet - l'abeille
helado negro - lengua larga
dustin wong and takako minekawa - elastic astral peel
the pyramid - summer evening
bjorn torke & prins thomas - arthur
duster - gold dust
world standard - mirage
x.y.r. - dolphin smile
music from "lines horizontal" (Norman McLaren 1962)
khotin - something is happening to me
dj sports - stellar clusters
bobbi humphrey - mestizo eyes
steve hiett - standing there

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bobbi Humphrey - Fancy Dancer (1975)

Saturday two-fer! More fusion for fun in the sun. "Uno Esta" and "Mestizo Eyes" are big highlights.