Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mix for Fall

New mix for you. I've been listening to the recently departed John Ashbery read his work. Some losses hit harder than others. I suppose there's some comfort in the fact that he seemed more equipped, intellectually and emotionally, for death than most other people (I'd include myself in this group). I hope that in the poems that bookend this mix, I've selected works that are representative of his singular mind and to the experience of this point of the year, a moment of profoundly felt transition. 

john ashbery - collective dawns / roscoe mitchell quartet - naima
george shearing - a tune for humming
glenn copeland - ghost house
don voegeli - remembering
mark barrott - driving to cap negret
gene pitney - autumn leaves
miroslav vitous - when face gets pale
yves tumor - ciervo / phill niblock - A Y U (live) / john cage - three dances for two amplified prepared pianos, part. 1
giovanni venosta - woman in late
faust - jennifer
gastr del sol - blues subtitled no sense of wonder
marion brown - november cotton flower
cleaners from venus - a fool like you
steven brown and benjamin lew - moments
nico - no one is there
david sylvian - where the railroad meets the sea
yumiko morioka - moon ring
john ashbery - just walking around

lmk if you want a d/l link in comments! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Terje Rypdal - Works (1985)

Y'all probably know Terje better than me. For me, he's always been the ethereal dude my creative writing teacher played for us during a stream-of-consciousness writing sesh in high school, the guy whose music I snidely brushed off at the time but always secretly (thought? felt?) was cool. 

A good place to start for the uninitiated, or, like me, re-initiated. Rypdal seems to be getting his due, with a reissue of his debut album and a Rune Grammophon-backed tribute album (gotta check that one out). But you know what you're getting here - the cover says it all. Nothing but ECM-soaked mood, with the piercing cries of TR's axe to guide you through the misty night.

Here's a live version of 'Waves':

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Colin Newman - Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish (1981)

Love this on a Sunday. I've been listening to a lot of This Heat side projects lately (Camberwell Now, Gareth Williams/Mary  Currie), this is hitting me in that sweet spot, guess I need to go down the Wire rabbit hole now (any recs?). Not too many ideas at once, perfectly arranged, smart electronic pop songs. "Fish Seven" is my favorite at the moment, sounds like he's jamming with first-album-era Harmonia. Dig that provisional fish!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Brian Eno - Textures (1989)

Don't think I've ever posted Eno here before - huge oversight, I guess I assume most of his work is readily available. Heard about this one on the defunct-for-years Puzz1e blog. Wonder how Eno ended up releasing work for a music library label? Guess it makes a lot of sense... Anyway, seeing the asking price on discogs, I don't feel too guilty about sharing this.

This one is all over the shop: right now, I'm listening to "Evil Thoughts", a slow-burn funk number that wouldn't sound out of place on a Ned Doheny record. Some songs have caught my ear with their use of field recordings of animals/wind instruments (or simulacra of these), so buckle up, fourth worlders. Something for everyone! Maybe I've just been listening to a lot of that RVNG K. Leimer comp, but I'm hearing that in terms of the eclecticism on show.

Liner notes: 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Steve Kuhn - Steve Kuhn (1971)

For the first time in a while, as evidenced by some recent posts, I've been vibing with the '70's. This one's got it for miles - smooth post-bop runs on the electric piano, soulful vocals from SK reminiscent on occasion of bossa nova, a killer rhythm section (Ron Carter, Billy Cobham AND Airto!?!), some of-the-time spazz outs... get you some!