Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Steve Reich w/ Kronos Quartet & Pat Metheny - Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint (Nonesuch, 1989)

These scans of the CD booklet tell the story of "Different Trains" best (here's a link to all the scans someone generously posted on discogs) :

 I like the idea of the piece incipient and brewing in Reich's mind as a child making cross-country trips on trains...

Really, I wanted to post Pat Metheny's lovely recording of "Electric Counterpoint" after hearing it for the first time, with fresh ears, after many years this past week (scrounging up burned CDs you've left at a friend's place can be a Proust Jr. memory hunt...!!!). Certainly some of the most inventive looping guitar music I've heard...even if it was overdubs.

"Pat Shreds"... I should really make a T-shirt that says that...