Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Susumu Yokota - Grinning Cat (2001)

Impressed at how contemporary this sounds, apart from the odd trip-hop/boom-bap beat every now and then... 

Piano sounds, jazz guitar, voices coming out of left field, everything you'd want from this departed master of the space between house and ambient. I'm hearing the groundwork of Ahnnu (World Music) and Nerftoss in this.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Jaki & Czukay Mix


kraftwerk - ruckzuck (edit - s/t)
ecstatic sunshine - faceplant (yesterday's work)
pram - loredo venus (The stars are so big...)
can - dizzy dizzy (soon over babaluma)
nerftoss - chase/boomerang (mood index)
marc barreca - oleo strut (twilight)
broadcast - message from home (work and non work)
jan jelinek - im diskodickicht (kosmischer pitch)
harald grosskopf - oceanheart (oceanheart)
harmonia - gollum (deluxe)
holger czukay - boat-woman-song (edit, from ohm: the early gurus of electronic music)
phantom band - rolling (s/t)
jacober/farina/hamilton - ? (rinse)
ashra - mistral (belle alliance)

this mix is for jaki liebezeit and holger czukay, not even putting a dent in the debt i owe you for your works on this earth. music you made, music by friends and fellow travelers, music inspired by yours, music i hope you would have liked. rest in power.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fred Neil - Bleecker and MacDougal (1965)

I love this man's baritone, and the tremelo'd-out, wistful sound of a song like "The Water is Wide." Enjoy this and keep cool out there, folks.