Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I've gotten a lot of requests for re-ups (apparently a lot of my adrive lnks are dead). All in due time... if I can just find the .zip files in my incredibly disorganized web of hard drives...

Seesselberg - Synthetik 1 (Self-released, 1973)

Hello again!

That's a little misleading, I've been here, grabbing choice albums from you denizens of the 'sphere (shoutout to my wall of fame on the right). And I feel a little guilty about that. So let's see if I can keep this up (my post just below would suggest I've not very good at keeping up, but we'll see) and give back the love. I've got a back-load of music a hard drive wide (mixed metaphors anyone?!?!) and I'm ready to jump back in...

That grid of knobs should tell you something about this one (if you haven't heard it yet, I have a feeling this one's made its rounds). I heard about it from this fun little article about obscure "krautrock" gems. But I would place this more in the musique concrète, electroacoustic, fun with oscillators category (keep your eye out for more of this kind of sophisticated tomfoolery on this blog). Like the dark side of Manhattan Research Inc. enjoy yourself! viel Spaß!


Thanks to the blog I pilfered this from, which should win an award for the craziest/cheesiest-in-a-good-way banner: http://el-sumergible-neuronal.blogspot.com.es/