Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018: Change is Good

C'est ça the mantra of IRS (the chilling acronym of this here blog) in the new year. Big things happening over at HQ: most importantly, I've started a tape label! You can check things out over at or on IG @kman925tapes. Or, email us at with demos, event proposals, etc.

That will be the main focus for me musically in the coming months, as well as getting a monthly concert series off the ground (wish me luck/plz help!!!) and playing shows/recording as a solo act, but I'll still be posting here. The emphasis will be a little different, though - less album grabs and more reviews of local/independent artists with links to listen on bandcamp/buy physical copies. See below for a sense of things, the review of Julia Bloop/Sunset Diver's recent tape.

Of course, this is all anticipatory/to come/etc., and I'm always open to new ideas from longtime/new readers! LMK in comments.

<3 R

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