Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook (Disques Dreyfus, 1984)

I found out about this choice album via the choice blog of former Baltimore-on Jason Urick, quite the significant electronic musician in his own right. Here's the video that turned me on, because I can only hope you love it as much as I do: 

So, as you could tell from that tasty tidbit, this album is about vocal samples, serious vocal samples. I'm talking keyboard transposition, people! That amazing feature we all loved to utilize after recording ourselves saying "hello" on our Casio SK-1's. 

Not knowing too much about Jean-Michel, I am thoroughly impressed that he and inimitable French-English actress Charlotte Rampling are married! She seems so somber; I hope she likes watching his ethnicolor (whatever that means) music videos.

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