Monday, December 10, 2012

Soft Machine - Third (Columbia, 1970)

Maybe you already have this one...but if not, you should. There's a lot more room here than on "Vol. 2" (not a preference, "Vol. 2" is great) - but just when you are lulled into what the band is doing, they change up the tempo, or there's a cut in tape and something else happens...moving between jazz moments, crescendos, organ-led riffs, atonal passages...

My favorite on this second go-around (I lost my first copy a while back) is "Out-Bloody-Rageous", segueing from some oscillating-time organ loops (read: Terry Riley) to the band rocking at its best.

Thanks Robert Wyatt and Co.!

(Here's a video of that song that I can't watch now because I don't have an extra 15 minutes...lemme know if it's good ;))

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