Sunday, May 12, 2013

Charles Lloyd - Soundtrack (Atlantic, 1969)

"...I want to transform things 
and make this a blissful 
place. I dream of the day 
when man can live in harmony. 
There's still all that ugliness 
out there and I want to 
wipe it out with beauty..."
- CHARLES LLOYD (from LP back cover)

Charles Lloyd, tenor sax & flute
Keith Jarrett, piano
Ron McClure, bass
Jack DeJohnette, drums

A band briefly together in the late 60's, I know they made this recording and the beautiful Forest Flower but not sure what else. Not sure where it was recorded. Like Jarrett's best solo work of the 70's, a solid, funky foundation that goes pretty far out, but nothing you could call "free" or "out-", not to my ears. Gorgeous jazz for late nights or sunny days.

Side A - "Sombrero Sam", "Voice in the Night" 
Side B - "Pre-Dawn", "Forest Flower '69"

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