Friday, August 9, 2013

Twofer D.B. Thursday: David Borden & Mother Mallard: "Anatidae" (Cuneiform, 1985) and "Migration" (Cuneiform, 1988)

[The title should read: Twofer D.B. Thursday: David Borden & Mother Mallard: "Anatidae" (Cuneiform, 1985) and "Migration" (Cuneiform, 1988)

Sadly, this post cannot (yet) be a twofer, because I went back and listened to my rip of "Anatidae" and some serious bitcrushing pops up on the second side - not sure how that happened. Also, it's no longer Thursday. I'll re-rip and post the first record soon.]

So, yes, this summer I've been pretty quiet/absent from this blog (though I've been doing a lot of pilfering from other's pages - thanks!)... but now I have a lot of recorded vinyl and mp3s floating somewhere on my hard drive just waiting to be shared. Stay tuned.

In light of this, thought I'd share two somewhat recent finds with you, both by David Borden and his (New) Mother Mallard (Band). Maybe you, like me, heard about Mr. Borden through his being repped by Oneohtrix Point Never, Laurel Halo, etc. (here's the tracks to prove it, though I've not had the pleasure), maybe you knew him already, the important thing is to check these out. Definite Michael Nyman or Steve Roach/Reich (take your pick - less moody than the first) - wave-y synth soundscapes and repetitive rhythms, female vocals riding on top... my kind of classical ;)

"Anatidae" features the guitar stylings of Mr. David Torn (heads up to a certain opium hum-an out there...)

More info on Mr. Borden is here.

Also, this comic strip is a way better promo than mine...

Side A:

1. Trains I (maybe the worst synth timbre I've ever heard on this and "Trains II" - can you spot it?)
2. The Continuing Story of Counterpoint, Part IV

Side B: 

1. Dick Twardzik
2. Enfield in Summer
3. trains II

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