Sunday, October 13, 2013

Double Fantasy - Universal Ave. (Innovative Communication, 1986)

(and because I couldn't resist...)

According to the record's back cover and discogs, Double Fantasy was made up of these two fellows, Charly McLion and Dreamstar (I think the back cover has the latter listed as dREAMSTARRR, or something silly like that - and yeah, I feel like Dreamstar is the one w/ sunglasses on. Blondie looks more like a McLion). 

Beyond all that silliness, this is a pretty tight record. I would describe it as faux kosmische, like some dudes really indebted to Gottsching and Rother but with cheesier production value. So, great.

Here's a nice write-up on the Innovative Comm. label by Jiro doing his radio show over at Panther Club. Can't get enough of that site or Ying Yangs.

My favorite flavor:


Enjoy (ripped from the vinyl as two tracks)

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  1. Nice post! One of the guys in the project is really Robert Schroeder a Klaus Schulze disciple. I guess under contractual issues he didnt use his real name. A very nice release!