Monday, November 18, 2013

Tri Atma w/ Klaus Netzle - Yearning and Harmony (1983, Fortuna)

Jiro over at Panther Club turned me on to this group, his description is a great place to start to learn about Tri Atma. What's important to know is that Clara Mondshine (aka Walter Bachauer) and Claude Larson (aka Klaus Netzle) are involved. If you're familiar with their output, you'll know a little better what to expect.

Nothing like Germans getting a little silly. On first listen, I was thinking of Oregon and Between, and then the electronics enter, channeling the best of Pyrolator and Netzle's solo work as Larson (which I should really put up soon). 

Some really enjoyable music, crossing Eastern/folk/kosmiche/new age styles, blurring the lines between "depth and surface."

(There's an alternate posting of this song on youtube with nude beach bums throughout! Saucy!) 

For fans of: 
- Claude Larson
- Clara Mondshine
- Pyrolator
- Between, but then silliness


  1. sounds good. thanks!

  2. is it possible to still get a copy of this link?

    1. Hi Bradley, check over at the reups section: