Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pluramon - Pick Up Canyon

Before listening to my spiel, go over to Listen to This! and snap up David Astri's Do it Right. First heard "Safe and Sound" over at Warm and Gooey and have been vibing to it ever since. Cheers. 

Pluramon is a project headed by Marcus Schmickler, who makes some pretty sick loop-based electronica and apparently has some really cool friends (Jaki Liebezeit, Julee Cruise). This one features Jaki on drums, with Marcus layering murky, oscillating tones on top. Antecedents that come to mind... Harmonia's first album (this really does sound like the perfect marriage of kraut and 90's loop/glitch), definitely the tape-loops of This Heat, even a darker Jan Jelinek. Couldn't recommend this more highly with your morning coffee or your nightly rambles. 


  1. Nice to see this blog up and running again! You have been missed. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for nice comment as well!