Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pillman Radiant Mix

A mix I was inspired to make after starting to read "Roadside Picnic" by the brothers Strugatsky. Imagine Blade Runner as a GTA-style VR game where you can explore the murky neon-soaked spaces of the marketplace... here's your soundtrack. Future-focused electronic pop, twisted vocal samples, footwork, synth music, blah blah blah...
OPN – I only have eyes for you
lena platonos – markos
kelela – bank head
phork – the rhythm of two kalimbas (soundcloud)
rp boo – your choice
aragon – horridula
motion graphics – mezzotint gliss (visible cloaks remix) (soundcloud)
errorsmith and mark fell – cuica digitales / jessy lanza – oh no
fit siegel – carmine
dj Rashad feat. spin – show u how
Justin Kelly – vgf (soundcloud)
dialect – waterfront epiphany
mark Pritchard – under the sun
Fatima Yamaha – what’s a girl to do
shy layers – for you

Or, get it here

NTS radio, if you're out there listening, I'd love to host a show! Seriously. Wishful thinking...


  1. you would be in excellent company on NTS radio.

    1. Thanks, and thank you as always for the wonderful mspaint dump blog

    2. Mind if I jack one of your creations to spruce up the background of this blog?

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