Sunday, March 19, 2017

ZNR - Barricade 3

I think I came across these guys through a mix (maybe one of Jiro's?). Hector Zazou is the Z; Joseph Racaille (which has to be a stage name, it would be too cool to just be named "Joseph Scum") is the R, thus, Z'n'R. 

This one's all over the place, but is held together by the laid-back feel and willingness to experiment shown by the two (? - in any case, it feels like two) performers. Occasionally my Soft Machine whimsical proggy funny-bone is tickled. Electric pianos, synthesizers, (sometimes treated voice), guitars... singing/speaking in English, Spanish and French sometimes all in one song. Good for Sunday morning mental puttering.

Postscript: From time to time, I stall a bit with this blog/music blogs in general, the community produced (or lack thereof), etc. Today, while researching for a mix I'm putting together for friends (a primer on reggae), I revisited what we could call a "frozen blog" - one of those wonderful archives teetering forever on the precarity of sudden removal. No posts for over five years. All the links are dead. But it still exists, like a virtual cemetery, for you to go traipsing through if you have an inkling. A snapshot in time of a fellow traveler's explorations in taste, and one of my early inspirations for starting this site: Big Head Stevenson



  1. A nice one thanks! And yes, it's a shame about Big Head Stevenson. Idealy it would be nice at one point to have a space where all these thoughtfully curated gardens of sound could be preserved and rendered accessible for future visitors. A kind of aural museum library dedicated to the art of music blogging. Beyond that even. Such a great part of our internet culture is disappearing before our eyes. It is ironic, never before has there been such effective and accessible means of creating cultural content, never before has so much disappeared and gone undocumented. Today we have diggers going through old bins of 70s vinyls, where will they be digging in ten, twenty, fifty years? Cheers, and keep on posting!

    1. Thanks for the thoughts as always Siphonophoros! Yeah, it bums me out when blogs like BHS go dormant and the links are dead, but at least it's around for us to look back at from time to time... I think we'll be around picking through the digital detritus regardless. always something new to hear ;)