Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ikue Mori - Painted Desert

Sharing this one purely on the promise of the first track, which I put on a mix years ago. Revisited said mix on a drive up the California coast last week and fell right back into the feelings "Mojave" produces, the heat shimmer of those twin tremolo guitars, the gorgeous simplicity of Mori's drums. From the vertiginous swells of "Medicine Man" to the panned call and response of "Santa Ana Excursion," the whole album is music with a sense of space - I want to walk around in these sounds.

Mori is joined here by Marc Ribot and Robert Quine (sometime soon I'll get around to sharing Quine and Fred Maher's "Basic," another bonafide masterwork of texture and space). Fans of Durutti Column and Rangers will find much to love here.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Robert Quine was such a talent; he is greatly missed.