Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wobbly - Live 99 > 01 ("MP3 only," 2002)

(In lieu of cover art, the man himself, doing what he does on this collection)

Wobbly, pseudonym of Jon Liedecker. I found out about him through his collaborations with Matmos. The latter were playing in Baltimore a lot when I lived there, and Wobbly would come to town to perform with them or by himself. Always great stuff, a master of doing only what he does, I think. I got this CD-R from him after one of his solo performances at Floristree in B-more, after asking if he "had anything to sell me." $5 CD-R with hand-written title and no liner-notes: totally worth it.


1 - 11: Untitled, as far as I know... 

Highlights: Track 3 for sure. Take the journey!

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