Saturday, February 23, 2013

Two Cool Jazz Ones to Say I'm Sorry: Ron Carter - "Uptown Conversation" (Embryo, 1969) and Keith Jarrett - "Fort Yawuh" (Impulse, 1973)

...because I've been gone, again, for quite a while. But I've got a backlog of vinyl to share. And guess who found a great record shop right around the corner from his house? ;) Thanks, Mono Records, for these two selections.


Man, do I love this album. It's got just about everything, from laid-back, funky moments to full-out exploration on the part of our man Ron. With my main man Herbie on the keys, you can't go wrong. I really enjoy the numbers with Ron, Herbie, and Billy Cobham on the second half, breathtaking! Here's "Little Waltz" from a concert in the '80's, same personnel:


I've really been getting into ol' Mr. Jarrett lately. When I find a copy, I'll be sure to put up Treasure Island, that's the album for me right now. I love the straightforward, rootsy feeling of some of Keith's piano lines, like something Vince Guaraldi would play (See "De Drums" on side 2). Balance that with some very free interplay with some stalwarts from Ornette Coleman's camp (Dewey Redman and Charlie Haden) and the incomparable drumming of Paul Motian... Can I get some live jazz like this in LA, please?

(This video is a performance from the same period of the Jarrett band. Maybe some of the recordings are the same?)

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