Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two for the Cool Out: Eddie Harris - "Silver Cycles (Atlantic, 1969)" & Dorothy Ashby and Frank Wess - "In a Minor Groove (New Jazz, 1958)"

So, I've been away again, and it's been a long week... the news roundup tells me we've got vigilante justice going on in LA, killings of a left-party leader in Tunisia... I feel a need with all this media saturation (and my own life) to take a little breather the best way I know, listening to both sides of an album, a different kind of, more extended experience of medium.

Oh, how I forgot about this one. "Smoke Signals", "Coltrane's View", I'm Gonna Leave You by Yourself", "Silver Cycles" itself... this is one hot slice that was just the right amount of bass and dialogue between horns, voice and drums to convince me (again) that music is our language (allow me to be vague and sweeping, like une vague). Throw some more delay on that delay, Eddie and co.!

Another sizzler, "Little Bit": 

For some reason I thought this was a Harold Land collab., guess I'm confusing it with this, not that that's a problem. To be honest, I don't know what album I've given you, because there are way more tracks here than on the original, and according to discogs, "Alone Together" is missing. But, you do get their rendition of "Moonlight in Vermont", one of the best for my money that I've heard so far. Dorothy always knows how to soothe my aching head with those fingers. 

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