Monday, November 6, 2017

Terje Rypdal - Works (1985)

Y'all probably know Terje better than me. For me, he's always been the ethereal dude my creative writing teacher played for us during a stream-of-consciousness writing sesh in high school, the guy whose music I snidely brushed off at the time but always secretly (thought? felt?) was cool. 

A good place to start for the uninitiated, or, like me, re-initiated. Rypdal seems to be getting his due, with a reissue of his debut album and a Rune Grammophon-backed tribute album (gotta check that one out). But you know what you're getting here - the cover says it all. Nothing but ECM-soaked mood, with the piercing cries of TR's axe to guide you through the misty night.

Here's a live version of 'Waves':


  1. We had a physics teacher who used to tape Pink Floyd bootlegs for us, but yours sounds way cooler!

    Can't beat a bit of Terje - cheers.

  2. First TR I bought back in 1985. Thanks a lot.