Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arthur Russell - The World of Arthur Russell (Soul Jazz, 2004)

So, my plan was to post one of his more subdued, songwriter-with-cello recordings, like World of Echo or Another Thought, but for a number of reasons, I've decided to go with this one.

1. I'm not feeling well, and this comp. record pumps me up. I need to get through this week, so these choice disco beats and groovy sounds will keep me on track, hopefully... and you too!

2. This was the first music of Russell's I ever encountered, so, if you've never heard him, why not start here? It's the most fun you can have in his discography. 

3. My burned CDs are horribly disorganized since moving and I can never find what I want...

Bitch, bitch, bitch... Anyway, it's ARTHUR RUSSELL, people! Keep the party going.


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  2. Thank you both for your interest and expressing it!