Sunday, January 27, 2013

Not-So-Daily Double: Ennio Morricone - Frantic OST (1988, Elektra) and Scott Walker - Climate of Hunter (1983, Virgin)

1. Mr. Morricone

So, last night I re-watched Roman Polanski's "Frantic" and loved it again, for different reasons and the same reasons. The music really captured me this time - and I noticed for the first time that Ennio Morricone did the soundtrack. Something about those swirling synths and prominent, high-register bass was making me think that Scott Walker's one 80's album might have been a good fit for the film - but I'll get to that in a second.

It's not just the Morricone backing that I liked, Grace Jones' re-working of Astor Piazzola's "Libertango" was great, as well as this one haunting number that plays during the scene where Emmanuel Seigneur's character is changing in her room and H. Ford shuts the door (I'll buy whoever can give me the title to that one a beer). Really, the whole movie gives you feel, the sense of this American doctor scrambling in a seedy Polanski Paris... and Morricone's stellar at conveying this, as usual!

One you unfortunately won't get on the OST: 

2. Mr. Walker

Someone should really do a montage of scenes from "Frantic" set to this album - it would work. I've been really enjoying this one lately. It's got that "too good to be so short" feel - you got to give Scott his room, but I would like another few albums with this sound before we get to the heebie-jeebies of his latest style (really I shouldn't be making this claim, I haven't tread too deeply into his work from Tilt on). But yeah, this is the one for me - this and the first four tracks from Nite Flights

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  1. Damn, I had a post about Climate of Hunter locked and loaded.. great stuff. You win this one.