Saturday, January 26, 2013

Betty Wright - Betty Wright Live (Alston, 1978)

I know, I've been inexcusably tardy here, but I've been thinking of you, honest... I'll try to make it up to you through the day.

This find is all thanks to my good friend Phillip, who's running the newly created Tonight is the Night blog, titled in homage to the stunning track on this album. I've been trying to track down the studio version (featured on her '74 album, "Danger High Voltage"),  but no avail. Looks like I might actually have to patronize a physical store/iTunes...

To be honest, I'm as new to this record as all of you, I just love grooving to "Tonight is the Night", especially when it comes on LA's Hot 92.3 sandwiched between Prince and some other hot slice of funk, I can't remember which...

Enjoy here

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