Monday, March 10, 2014

Phil Manzanera - Primitive Guitars (EG, 1982)

Tasty collection of instrumental tracks from this prolific guitarist with quite a solid track record (founding member of Roxy Music, collaborator with Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Yuki Takahashi...). I really like how he describes his approach to the guitar ("guitars that don't sound like guitars" being a key element of my own taste). Some of these tracks haven't aged so well, and I could do without the muffled studio interludes, but tracks like "Rimto de LA," "Europe 70-1" and "Bogota" knock it out of the park. Great approach to effects, perhaps some guitar synth in there? I'm sold. Recommended if you love those out-there double tracked solos on early Eno albums (Warm Jets, Tiger Mountain).

(back cover detail, check it out) 


  1. hi can you reupload this album? link is dead :)

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  3. Dear! Would you pleaaaase re-upload this fantastic album?

    kind regards!