Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Adventures of Chatran (Midi Inc., 1986)

As the internet and the back cover attest, this is Ryuichi's (stellar) soundtrack for the Japanese release of "Milo and Otis." I feel like my young life would have been cooler had I been hearing these MIDI-fied jams instead of whatever stringy schmaltz Disney cooked up. Lots of lovely numbers ranging from songs that sound teased up from the Synclavier-type technology Ryuichi was using at the time to seemingly fuller orchestra numbers (but who can tell?). He brings it, as always. If you're as into the 80's Japan scene as me, you'll want to hear this.


  1. Fantastic post! I'm really intrigued to hear it! Thanks!

  2. Thanks, love your blog! Hope you enjoy...

  3. Hi! The ADrive file is deleted ("The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly."). Can you please upload again, but this time in FLAC (Lossless) format? It's very easy to do, and since this is instrumental music, using the MP3 format it doesn't get the quality it deserves! If you need help, just ask me, but it's very easy using EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Here you have a few tutorials about how to RIP a CD using EAC:

    Thanks! :)