Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bert Jansch - L.A. Turnaround

This choice is brought to you by... the seemingly institutionalized languor of Sundays in France and my missing Los Angeles (places, family, friends and felines). Often on late night French TV you'll find documentaries about some overdetermined moment in Hollywood history, replete with archived interviews with actors/directors/producers and plenty of stock footage of the downtown LA skyline, film studios, palm trees, what have you. I'm surprised to say that these images sometimes make me long for places I so often grumbled about while inhabiting them - home is where we make it, but also where we've been, inescapably.

Soothing these feelings of spatial disconnection, Mr. Jansch walks us through stories of sea captains, travelling men, and presumably more topical issues (political corruption, drug addiction...). Another wonderful player/singer I waited too long to check out. This album, not least because of its opening track, is perfect for a slow-moving Sunday morning.

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