Saturday, September 10, 2016

Grobschnitt - Jumbo

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So I had this romantic idea that living in Europe, I'd come upon my favorite chanson/rock français and kosmische records for cheap, because, hey, they must be swimming in copies over here, right? Not so much - it would seem the vinyl craze is just as heavy/heavier in France (for example, it would seem that people are more than willing to pay well over 15 euros for ECM records...). I did see a decent copy of the third album of these OG weirdos for 10 euros.

Grobschnitt (no idea what the name means, but it's silly) seems to straddle very adroitly the fine line between krautrock jamming and prog pretension. I mean, look at that cover - these guys were a bunch of goofs that knew how to play. I got into them via the solo work of drummer Joachim Ehrig, a.k.a. Eroc - you'd be well advised to check out his meandering masterpieces (S/T I - IV). The songs on this album remind me at times of his solo work, more of prime Guru Guru. Not super into the vocalist, but he sounds OK when he sings in German. Choice jam: "Sunny Sunday's Sunset/Sonntag's Sonnabend."

N.B.: This version contains both the English language and German language recordings.

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