Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Eroc - Eroc 1 (1975)

Grobschnitt aside, here's the real deal. It's been posted before on blogs, but I imagine a fresh run is warranted...

This ambitious (in the best sense), protean record sounds like the result of someone bursting with ideas, normally constrained by the necessary compromises of working in a band, who is suddenly able to explore and make all the calls. It's pretty much all over the shop - about half is filled with gorgeous synth journeys, experimental vocal echo pieces, etc., while the other half sounds like the lost soundtrack of a genre-crossing western/teen beach movie. Absolutely wonderful. This is the 2007 German CD reissue with several bonus tracks, some of which I haven't heard yet...

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  1. absolutely the real deal. A perfect synth epic from start to finish