Friday, March 1, 2013

R. Stevie Moore, One Night Only

No, this post will not include any sharing of R. Stevie albums. I've noticed over the years that he (personally?) contacts blogs and asks them to remove his work via comments. While his reaching out like that would almost tempt me in turn to provoke him, I understand his concern and feel that he's justified in asserting his artistic control. 

This instead will be a brief video/link interlude. I happened to go to The Smell's website yesterday and who should I see on the bill for (today) but - you guessed it! So in prep for later on, here's a few of his youtube uploads and a link to his bandcamp with about five million albums on it. Cheers to the greatest pop musician in America who can't write a hit. 

Starting off, some subtle brainwashing:

My favorite lip-syncing performance: 

Some not-so-subtle self-promotion/immodesty:

I love R. Stevie loving Durutti Column: 

Well, this just seems appropriate:

P.S. Here's a recent documentary about him done by some diligent French rockers.

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