Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Robert Wyatt - Eps, Disc Two (Thirsty Ear, 1999)

This post has everything to do with the fact that I've been listening to Robert Wyatt's version of "Shipbuilding" over and over today. You can get the back story on the song here, needless to say, that would've been a cool party to go to... 

The second disc of this great compilation features the 1982 Rough Trade single along with its two B sides (his "Memories of You" and the cover of "'Round Midnight" are both lovely) along with two other numbers, the spoken-word "Pigs" (another fave of mine) and the stark "Chairman Mao".

I try to hold back on hyperboles and the cult of genius these days so... this guy is something special. 

Here's a live performance of the song on the Old Grey Whistle Test with his typical sense of humor on display: 

The single's cover art, quite nice: 

(Let me know if the rest of the comp. is of interest)

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