Saturday, March 16, 2013

Steve Roach - Empetus (Fortuna, 1986)

I was first turned on to Steve Roach by my friend Tim over at Invisible Arteries blog, who posted this one a while back and has been killing it re: synth music and ECM releases, two things I'm hooked on these days.

This is quite a different affair from "Structures from Silence"; save the last song, "The Memory", everything's developing a lot faster, with sweeps and swells galore. And as opposed to the earlier record, these are all shorter, dense pieces. I'm starting to see where people like Stellar OM Source, Laurel Halo, OPN, etc. are getting their ideas...

(Note: I've ripped this as two tracks, and there's some crunchiness at the beginning and in the middle of the first side. Lo siento.)

A taste: 

Also, I'm finding it funny how extremely different yesterday's and today's posts are.

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