Friday, March 1, 2013

Scott Walker - "Nite Flights E.P."

So, as you may know, this isn't a real release... but maybe it should have been. Maybe I'm not giving the other two "brothers" enough credit, but when I tried to listen to the rest of the group's 1978 Nite Flights after the first four songs, two things became clear:

1. The remaining songs are godawful (I can't listen to them) after the anticipation the first four have brought forth.

2. Scott Walker must have had the primary hand in creating the first four songs and left the rest to the other brothers... it just sounds like him... and no one else.

So, out here in cyberspace where I can say and believe anything I want, here's the 4 song E.P. that serves as the turning point for Scott's style heading into his late/recent work and that stands for me as one of his most powerful moments. No filler here. "The Electrician" is gut-wrenching. "Nite Flights" takes you along. "Fat Mama Kick" has all the early solo Eno trappings of a dark electric alley. And "The Shut-Out"'s no slouch either.

The thin white duke paying tribute:


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