Friday, March 15, 2013

Wings - Wild Life (Apple, 1971)

(Paul and company... adorable)

Yes, I fawn quite a bit over this handsome guy, who used to play a funny-looking bass in... some band (Nirvana!). I'm really asking for it on this post, both from my Paul-hating friends and Paul's legal team (Sorry guys! You say the word and I'll take it down).

Recorded after Paul and Linda's "Ram", a great all-around 70's rock record that stands the test of time I.M.O., they recorded this more laid-back affair (with pretty much the same band - I always thought Denny Laine played on the former record?). Unlike some post-Beatles outings for Paul (his self-titled, "Red Rose Speedway", etc.) and fortunately for us, there's no filler on this one, and quite a few hidden gems. I'm listening to the B side right now and "Some People Never Know" followed by "I Am Your Singer" is pretty hard to top for late-night vibes. Of course, Paul can be accused of tossing off some pretty flimsy material, and I'm a pretty easy sell on him... hmmm, try it for yourself, why don't you? Highly recommended for a quiet dreamy evening.

If you needed any coaxing, here's some ear candy in the form of tasty reggae-fied guitar after this:


BTW, this file has four extra songs not accounted for on the original LP... or on any CD reissue listed on discogs. But hey, you get "Another Day", a lovely little number...

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